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Is the following code thread safe:


  std::vector<std::string> myCopy;
  with_locked_mutex(m) {
    myCopy = sharedCopy;
  myCopy.clear() etc.  // -- a


  while(1) {
    // do things ...
    with_locked_mutex(m) {
      sharedCopy.push_back(a); // -- b

In other words, will the COW semantics of std::vector (and that of std::string also, I think) create a race condition between a and b? If so, is there something I can do to prevent it?

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Who told you that vector has COW semantics? (Also, it'd be more like "implemented as COW", since that's not part of the semantics.) –  Kerrek SB Mar 17 '12 at 9:48

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Assuming with_locked_mutex(m) { something } somehow ensures that the mutex is acquired before the code block and released after, the two operations will run in mutual exclusion, so no, there won't be an issue.

And a std::vector cannot use copy-on-write anyway.

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AFAIK, std::vector doesn't have COW semantics. The assignment operator and copy constructor always copy every element.

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