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I'm having difficulties getting an autocomplete search box to work with Play 2.0. I'm trying to do the same thing as described in this article, only with Play 2.0.

Basically, I defined an action:

def autocompleteSearch(term : String) = Action {
    // Do something to get a list of suggestions
    val list = ...
    // Reply with list

I added a route in the routes file:

GET     /autocompleteSearch      controllers.Application.autocompleteSearch(term: String)

I created an autocomplete script:

$(function() {
     * Autocomplete for populating an input field with a value from the server.
    $('input.autocomplete').each( function() {
        var $input = $(this);
        var serverUrl = $input.data('url');
        $(this).autocomplete({ source:serverUrl });

And I insert the following somewhere on the page:

<input name="search" class="autocomplete" data-url="@{routes.Application.autocompleteSearch()}">

Unfortunately, this doesn't work! I get the following compilation error:

not enough arguments for method autocompleteSearch: (term: String)play.api.mvc.Call. Unspecified value parameter term. 

If I do this, I get the following error:

<input name="search" class="autocomplete" data-url="@{routes.Application.autocompleteSearch}">

missing arguments for method autocompleteSearch in class ReverseApplication; follow this method with `_' if you want to treat it as a partially applied function 

Treating it as partially applied does not produce the result I want since the produced HTML looks like this:

<input name="search" class="autocomplete" data-url="&lt;function1&gt;">

I end up having to supply a dummy argument to get the reverse route to work:

<input name="search" class="autocomplete" data-url="@{routes.Application.autocompleteSearch( "" )}">

But then my autocomplete is useless because it always call the function with an empty string...

Did anyone manage to get this to work?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Follow-up question:

Alright. So I followed the doc and defined this in Application.scala:

def javascriptRoutes = Action {
    import routes.javascript._

I added this script to the page:

<script type="text/javascript" src="@routes.Application.javascriptRoutes"></script> 

Now, how do I modify my input field to connect the dots?

Is it:

<input name="search" class="autocomplete" data-url="jsRouter.controllers.Application.autocompleteSearch">


<input name="search" class="autocomplete" data-url="jsRouter.controllers.Application.autocompleteSearch().ajax()">


Neither seems to work!

I must say, I'm either very very dumb that I can't figure this out, or there is a major lack of documentation on this feature...

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This question needs to be reworded (the word autocomplete in the title is misleading) and retagged (you're probably looking for playframework-2.0 as opposed to playback).

Regarding reverse routing, there do not appear to be enough walkthrough tutorials, however there is a sample project supplied by the Play! team that should get you going.

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You do not need to add javascript routes. Just add a default parameter to your route entry like

GET /autocompleteSearch controllers.Application.autocompleteSearch(term: String ?= "")

It will work

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