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What is the sensor sampling rate of samsung galaxy pop android phone in SENSOR_DELAY_GAME.From where did I get this information?I want to use the accelerometer sensor.

Thanks in advance

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According to ICS sourcecode

    delay = 0;
    delay = 20000;
    delay = 66667;
    delay = 200000;

those are in μs so SENSOR_DELAY_GAME would be 20ms or 50Hz

It still depends on your Hardware etc. So you might want to measure it to verify that.

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Is this rate same for every hardware ?I am using samsung smartphone. –  stefy abraham Mar 17 '12 at 13:48
Not exactly the same. Each sensor requires a different time to read the current state. After that is done the delay is used in addition. So the actual delay between callbacks is at least hardwareConstraints + delay + softwareDelay. That softwareDelay would be the time it takes to get the values from the sensor-read code to your callback code. It might also be the case that the hardware vendor adjusted the delay values or that those values are different in previous versions of Android. –  zapl Mar 17 '12 at 13:59

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