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i am going to create an applet jar which has a JFileChooser open dialog. and i want to change its icon.

frame = parentFrame;
ImageIcon icon = new ImageIcon("com/biztree/docmntui/client/applet/favicon.gif");

and then

int returnVal = fileChooser.showOpenDialog(frame);

it works fine when i run it as applet.
but when i trying to run it in GWT web page its shows java default icon.

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new ImageIcon("com/biztree/docmntui/client/applet/favicon.gif");

The String based constructor for an ImageIcon interprets the string as a File path. I doubt that would work with GWT. It is probably expecting to deal with the resource by URL. To get an URL, do something like:

URL favIconUrl = 

Use the URL instead of the String in the ImageIcon constructor.

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