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In my program I have a form that uses localized labels (from resx file). Unfortunately whenever I add a new control - designer is refreshing all the labels to their default values. Does anyone know how to prevent that from happening? Is there a better way of localizing forms or is creating a method that will replace all the labels on form load the only option?

Similar problem is posted in this question but this is obviously not the best solution for my issue.

P.S. I don't want to use forms localization property cause this gives me to little flexibility (or I'm just to dumb to use it :P). I don't like when to much things happens behind the scenes.

Thanks in advance

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We try to localize our forms after the forms are almost done (from UI perspective)
We try to avoid the Visual Studio (VS 2005) designer for localizing, because of some bad experiences in the past.

Use a GREAT tool like the "resx tool" for translating your app. This tool is awesome!!

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