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I would like to move the key to some location in the middle of the plot, so I followed the tutorials and have the following script:

set terminal postscript eps enhanced color
set title "Risk of the loan"

set output 'simulation.eps'
set xlabel 'Initial loan value'
#set key height 24
set key 8,0.7

plot 'simulation.txt' using 1:2 title 'Discounted loan value' with lines lw 3,\
     'simulation.txt' using 1:3 title 'VaR' with lines lw 3,\
     'simulation.txt' using 1:4 title 'CVaR' with lines lw 3,\
     'simulation.txt' using 1:5 title 'Probability of default' with lines lw 3

However, when I run it I get:

ga1009@ga1009-dell:~$ gnuplot simulation.p

set key 8,0.7
"simulation.p", line 7: unknown key option

What am I doing wrong?

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set key at 8,0.7

Works here!

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Brilliant! Thanks. – Grzenio Mar 18 '12 at 21:24
I had the same problem after reading a lot of online examples that omit the "at". Thanks! – ɲeuroburɳ Jul 21 '12 at 21:03

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