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I'm supposed to post form data that contains non-English characters such as 'ü'. The accept-charset attribute worked well with Firefox and chrome but not with IE. So I decided to escape all non-English characters. For example I replaced any 'ü' character with its HTML code ü.

Now when I post the form, on any browser, the code ü is replaced with a funky string like 'ü'. Why is it happening, is there a way to send form value without being changed?

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you should use encodeUriComponent. thats all.

before you post - change the values ( by hidden or by exact value) the values by using the JS function

encodeURIcomponent .

this will make your chars => utf8.

so you wont have a problem submitting them.

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Don't downvote for putting a link but this is an excellent article on character sets and it will shine some light on your problem. http://www.phpwact.org/php/i18n/charsets

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Make the page containing the form UTF-8 encoding, declare that encoding properly, and make the server-side form handler process the UTF-8 data.

It’s difficult to say what went wrong with your previous attempts, but it’s more constructive to concentrate on implementing the right way. Using UTF-8 is the only way to ensure that all characters entered by the user are sent correctly.

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