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Is there a way to add selected fields from one table structure to another table structure with mysql?

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In MySQL you can use a SELECT statement inside an INSERT one. If they have a different structure you can adapt the results from the SELECT using AS to change each of the field's names. For example:

INSERT INTO table2(field2_1,field2_2) SELECT field1_1 AS field2_1, field1_2 AS field2_2 FROM table1;
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I think your requirement as follows: ur source table is test1 u require some desired columns from test2 to add up to test1

One of the solution is: The following will create a new table with ur desired result:

Select test1.*,test2.value,...desired values from test2
from test1 inner join test2 on (test1.id = test2.rel_id)
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The column must already exist in the source table for this. I am looking for a way to alter a table structure by appending to that structure fields from another table. –  user823527 Mar 17 '12 at 16:51
can u illustrate? I can help u. –  Angelin Nadar Mar 17 '12 at 16:53
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My goal was to copy part of one table structure to another without the actual data. What I found will work is to export the table structure from which I want to copy columns and from that make the SQL to add the desired fields to the destination table. So the SQL export give me the data I need for an ALTER statement to add the new fields.

ALTERTABLE`events`ADD`start_date` DATE NOTNULL DEFAULT'9999-00-00',
 ADD`end_date` DATE NOTNULL ,
 ADD`start_time` INT NOTNULL DEFAULT'00',
 ADD`end_time` INT NOTNULL 
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