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I'm making an app that can store disciplines grades.

First you can create a new discipline, choosing its name and placing your grade on that specific dicipline.

I'm using shared preferences to make that, the code is like this:

SharedPreferences disciplines = getSharedPreferences("Math", MODE_PRIVATE);  
SharedPreferences.Editor prefEditor = disciplines.edit();  
prefEditor.putString("firstGrade", "80");
prefEditor.putString("secondGrade", "50" );
prefEditor.putString("thirdGrade", "65");
prefEditor.putString("fourthGrade", "25");

After that I want the user to be able to choose that discipline from a spinner in the main activity.

How can I create a Spinner with this app Shared Preference files names?

Like a spinner with "Math", and then "English", "Spanish" and other disciplines that he create.

Heres a image sample.Heres a image sample

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Though not an answer to your specific question, I believe you should rethink your strategy and use a SQLite database instead. SharedPreferences were really not made for the use case you're trying to tackle.

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