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My website (hosted on a Windows/Apache(XAMPP) server) seems to suffer from an iframe injection attack. The iframes appear at the top of pages and disappear at times for no obvious reason. There are also several other symptoms:

  • The html code for the iframe does not actually appear in any of the html/php files (no base64 code either)
  • The iframe appears in the directory listings generated by apache. (i.e. there are no html/php files to investigate)
  • The problem seems to disappear when the website is accessed through HTTPS.
  • Nothing noticeable in htaccess files.
  • FTP password has been changed and FTP access monitored, doesn't seem to be the issue.

Any idea on what is causing it or how to stop it?

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Redeploy the website from source control? –  Eric J. Mar 17 '12 at 17:38

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