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I have a spider that stores its results in database. Then, to save some time and remote web-server resources I decided to not request items that are already in the database. Reading the docs I decided that a custom spider middleware is the best choice I have.

class SkipDupeMiddleware(object):
    process_spider_output(response, result, spider):
        for r in result:
            if isinstance(r, Request) and item_in_database(r.url):
                log.msg('Skip %s' % r.url)
                yield r

where item_in_database queries the db.

It also works great and saves a lot of time.

Now the real issue:

Later I read that using blocking database requests in non-blocking apps is not a good idea. I'm always up to "do things right" and decided to wrap all my db requests in adbapi

I have found recipes to use adbapi in pipelines, but is it possible to do that in middleware level? Middlewares are expected to return BaseItem, Request or None, but adbapi returns twisted's Deferred, which later returns Request or None.

And now I'm stuck.

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Scrapy is mostly synchronous. Only downloading of pages is done asynchronous, that's why requests have callbacks.

Pipelines and middleware are synchronous.

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You can (and should) return a Deferred from a pipeline process_item() method.

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I know about pipelines, the question was about middlewares –  dmzkrsk Apr 2 '12 at 4:14

The scrapy by default will not make duplicaterequest in a crawl by using a Duplicate-Filter(enalbedby default). The setting parameter DUPEFILTER_CLAS decide which filter to use Its default value is: 'scrapy.dupefilter.RFPDupeFilter'. In fact, it is only the choice now. If you want a persistent feature, you should set a JOBDIR. Then scrapy will stored accessted URL and load them (into filter's dict) in next running.

You can get some tip in here: http://groups.google.com/group/scrapy-users/browse_thread/thread/56546e9fab7030f3

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