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I am making a testing tool, i have got the imei number but is it possible to change the imei number in simple or via NDK.


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How to change an IMEI is hardware/system dependent, and it is - at least in (large) parts of the world - illegal to do.

I think you could safely assume there is no API for it in the NDK.

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You do not always need an API if there are vulnerabilities in the platform. This is a non-answer. Joachim, delete it at once! – Janus Troelsen Apr 7 '13 at 9:20

No, it's not possible as it is uniquely tied to the given handset.

If the handset has a modded ROM, that can return a fake IMEI, but otherwise this is impossible.

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It is possible ... if you know how to flash the "ROM" e.g. with cyagenmod instead of android - or not ?! There are apps with names like rom-manager or similiar.

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