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I'm having a hard time using sscanf to scan hour and minutes from a list. Below is a small snip of the list.

1704 86 2:30p 5:50p Daily
1711 17 10:40a 2:15p 5
1712 86 3:10p 6:30p 1
1731 48 6:25a 9:30a 156
1732 100 10:15a 1:30p Daily
1733 6 2:15p 3:39p Daily

I've tried this, but it keeps getting me segmentation Fault.(I'm putting this information into structures).

    "%d %d %d:%d%c %d:%d%c %s",

    printf("%d ",all_flights_divid[i].flight_number);
    printf("%d ",all_flights_divid[i].route_id);
    printf("%d ",all_flights_divid[i].departure_time_hour);
    printf("%d ",all_flights_divid[i].departure_time_minute);
    printf("%c ",all_flights_divid[i].departure_time_format);
    printf("%d ",all_flights_divid[i].arrival_time_hour);
    printf("%d ",all_flights_divid[i].arrival_time_minute);
    printf("%c ",all_flights_divid[i].arrival_time_format);

This is how I declared it.

struct all_flights{
  int flight_number;
  int route_id;
  int departure_time_hour;
  int departure_time_minute;
  char departure_time_format;
  int arrival_time_hour;
  int arrival_time_minute;
  char arrival_time_format;
  char frequency[10];
struct all_flights all_flights_divid[3000];

These are the results I get

1704 86 2 30 p 0 50 p Daily
1711 17 10 40 a 0 15 p 5
1712 86 3 10 p 0 30 p 1
1731 48 6 25 a 0 30 a 156
1732 100 10 15 a 0 30 p Daily
1733 6 2 15 p 0 39 p Daily
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Small mistake, that might be the problem:



should be:

//                 ^


Also, you read arrival_time_minute twice, and not reading arrival_time_hour at all. Fix it and it should be OK.

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Oh wow didn't see that 1 =). – Learning C Mar 17 '12 at 19:34
But now I'm getting a wired results. The time for arrival is still showing up as 0. – Learning C Mar 17 '12 at 19:36
You are changing both source and output in the question, which makes all answers invalid. Please, if you still have a problem, add an edited code AFTER the original. – MByD Mar 17 '12 at 19:38
@Learning C: would you please check the relevant lines. I can't believe you don't see the problem. – Karoly Horvath Mar 17 '12 at 19:38
@LearningC - see edited answer. – MByD Mar 17 '12 at 19:42

Most of the results seem to be fine, except the first field.

Now if you check your code..


fix it with

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