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This is a similar question as How to get the common name for a pytz timezone eg. EST/EDT for America/New_York , except I want to be able to just get a timezone from "PST" from pytz. such as tz = timezone("PST") Is this something like this possible with pytz?

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I ended up just manually making a dictionary that mapped abbreviations to timezone names. For example, 'PST' : 'America/Los_Angeles' would be an entry (as would PDT for the daylight savings abbreviation).

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Bad idea. Time zone abbreviations can be ambiguous. For example, there are 5 different meanings of "CST". See Wikipedia's list of abbreviations. –  Matt Johnson Mar 26 at 2:05

Have you tried using strptime with the %Z format code? I've never done it myself, but at least in theory you should be able to put in the tz code there and it should get translated into a tzinfo (embedded in the datetime/time object)

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this would not resolve my issue. that would only get a constant offset. For example, PST and PDT would be translated to different offsets by %Z, but the datetime still not would be aware of the change to/from daylight savings time. –  fangsterr Mar 18 '12 at 16:56

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