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I am upgrading my app from Rails 3.0 to Rails 3.1. To do this I need to upgrade my Heroku stack to Cedar rather than Bamboo which is currently on.

I am going through the following tutorial and am getting stuck at the part where I deploy git push heroku master. When I run this git assumes I am pushing to my Bamboo app, when I really want to deploy to my new Cedar stack.

PhotoRambler tonybeninate$ heroku apps

young-river-1492 is my new Cedar app, but I have no idea how to deploy to it. Can anyone advise? Thanks.

Or do I need to delete my Bamboo stack first?

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Check out this question and answer which explains how Heroku decides which app to push to. – Michelle Tilley Mar 17 '12 at 21:44

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Check out this tutorial on migrating to the Cedar stack - specifically the part on creating a new Cedar app and deploying. You're on the right track - you just need to specify which app git should push to, since you now have more than once to choose from.

  • Find out what the remote is called for your new app

>git remote

  • Push to the new remote

>git push young-river-1492-heroku young-river-1492

You can also rename your remote with git remote rename.

If you prefer, you could edit your config file instead, ala Neil's answer, or edit the config after you've successfully pushed once with the long form to make sure it works.

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No, your .git/config still thinks heroku is your old application. If you crack open that file and edit the heroku remote then it will start pushing to the right place.

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have you tried checking how you added your heroku repo for the new app? ie

 git remote remove heroku #to remove the link to photoramblr

 git remote add heroku # to add the new one

and then

 git push heroku master

You might also want to remove your bamboo app once the new once is up, otherwise you'll need to specify what app for heroku commands ie:

 #instead of 
 heroku rake db:migrate
 #you'll have to do
 heroku rake db:migrate --app young-river-1492
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