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SELECT current_raised,segment FROM gizmos
where created_at >= "2012-03-01"

returns 600+ rows

SELECT "current_raised","segment"
(SELECT current_raised,segment FROM gizmos
where created_at >= "2012-03-01")

returns 180 rows

Why is this happening?

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union will remove from the result set every duplicated current_raised, segment pair. Try union all instead.

Here is a reduced example of what is happening.

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@MM -- thanks. I just stumbled across that difference as well .. but thanks for the answer. AND thanks for pointing me to SQLFIDDLE -- that SH!T is sweet –  cgmckeever Mar 17 '12 at 22:42
Yeah, it's cool :) Welcome! –  Mosty Mostacho Mar 17 '12 at 23:47

It's a slightly confusing feature of standard SQL: the default qualifier for SELECT is SELECT ALL but the default qualifier for UNION is UNION DISTINCT.

Your first query is implicitly using SELECT ALL and is returning duplicate rows in the result, not good. Correct the first query by explicitly using SELECT DISTINCT.

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