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I get a strange error and couldn't find the answer.. This code works well:


$method = 'direct_messages/new';
$parameters = array('screen_name' => $receiverScrName, 'text' => 'how are you');
$dm = $oauth->post($method, $parameters); 

This code below doesn't work. Only change is "$message" parameter.

$message='Hello man';   

$method = 'direct_messages/new';
$parameters = array('screen_name' => $receiverScrName, 'text' => $message);
$dm = $oauth->post($method, $parameters);

It gives error:

stdClass Object ( [error] => Could not authenticate with OAuth.
                 [request] => /1/direct_messages/new.json )

I tried to encode "message" :

 $message='Hello man';

 $method = 'direct_messages/new';
 $parameters = array('screen_name' => $receiverScrName, 'text' => $message );
 $dm = $oauth->post($method, $parameters);

The message is sent. But the received message became "Hello+man".

How can i remove "plus" or other escaped characters from the message that will be sended? Thank you

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I am unable to reproduce the version with $message not working. Maybe you just had a random error from Twitter? – abraham Mar 29 '12 at 5:32
Soon i found out that this is related with non-ASCII characters in "$message". It is working when i transliterate that characters. But if an UTF-8 only character exist in message text, this doesn't work. I suppose also twitter transliterates non-ASCII characters when i send direct messages by using – trante Mar 29 '12 at 14:05
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I found out that this problem is related with non-ASCII characters in message text. When i transliterate them it is worked.

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