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I want to install the master branch of refinerycms

I downloaded and extracted the tarball and then, after intialising a git repo, I ran gem build refinerycms.gemspec:

Successfully built RubyGem
Name: refinerycms
Version: 2.1.0.dev
File: refinerycms-2.1.0.dev.gem

I then ran gem install refinerycms-2.1.0.dev.gem

Unable to resolve dependencies: 
  refinerycms requires refinerycms-authentication (= 2.1.0.dev), 
  refinerycms-core (= 2.1.0.dev), 
  refinerycms-dashboard (= 2.1.0.dev), 
  refinerycms-images (= 2.1.0.dev), 
  refinerycms-pages (= 2.1.0.dev), 
  refinerycms-resources (= 2.1.0.dev)

So, this gem requires dev versions of other gems and I can't actually find some of them online (refinerycms-core for instance).

I can get the gem to install by running bundle install followed by bundle exec gem install refinerycms-2.1.0.dev.gem but this only installs the refinerycms gem and not the dependencies. In this case, I see output like:

Using refinerycms-core (2.1.0.dev) from source at /home/stephen/Desktop/resolve-refinerycms-5061179 

So we're getting the dependency gems from the local source, can I actually install them so that they are stand-alone gems?

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got the answer on the mailing list:

rails new application_name -m http://refinerycms.com/t/edge
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