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I have two interfaces: InterfaceA, InterfaceB which are both implemented by a concrete class TheClass. These interfaces are autowired in other beans like

public class UserA { @Autowired InterfaceA iface;}

public class Framework { @Autowired InterfaceB iface;}

The InterfaceA is a user interface exposed to external while InterfaceB is internal one only used by framework itself. I do this in order to isolate at interface level

I expect they are all wired to the same class that is TheClass. However, Spring wires them to different instances of TheClass even it is a singleton bean. I can understand InterfaceA and InterfaceB are different types so namely it is legal that wiring to different TheClass instances. But one class implementing multiple interfaces is common in Java. How should I handle this case? Autowiring by name is a solution, however, I personally like by type, is there any way of achieving this in by type?


Sorry, it's my bad. I mistakenly created two ApplicationContext in my code. Then the UserA class gets TheClass bean from one ApplicationContext while Framework class gets from another. Spring does return the same bean for different interfaces as long as they are implemented by the same bean.

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interesting; thanks for updating. – andrew cooke Mar 18 '12 at 3:57
Even better: i think you should posto your conclusion as a valid answer. – Zecas May 29 '12 at 13:30

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