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Is there any API by which one can get all the categories of a page using the title or page id or url of that page? I tried searching on net but all I could find was getting dumps for specific categories. Any sort of help will be highly appreciated. Thanks

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The API you are looking for is here https://en.wikipedia.org/w/api.php This is the media wiki API and has lots of documentation.

As said above you are looking for prop=categories so... ?format=xml&action=query&prop=categories&titles=Google for example

If you are looking to use this in a program it may be worth looking at the following Wikipedia page that has a series of classes and libraries for various languages to deal with handling the Wikipedia API e.t.c


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MediaWiki (Wikipedia's software) has an API and you can indeed do a query to get the categories of a page. For example, the following returns the categories of the page Google in the English language Wikipedia:


Note that not all categories are returned in one response. You'll see an element called query-continue which provides additional information on how the next query should be formulated which will give you more categories.


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It's probably better to add cllimit=max to the query. That way, you have smaller number of queries and you might not even need more queries (I doubt any page has more than 500 categories). –  svick Mar 18 '12 at 1:20

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