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I've been reading about Semantic Web technologies such as RDF/RDFS and "ontology", but was wondering how each of these are related? At the moment the terms all seem interchangeable, or I'm not understanding a fundamental concept here.

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See answer stackoverflow.com/questions/1740341/… –  loopasam Nov 18 '13 at 17:31
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RDF, RDFS, and ontology are not interchangeable terms. RDF (Resource Description Framework), is a conceptual data model which can be rendered physically (serialized) using various formats such N3, Turtle, RDF/XML, etc.

RDFS (RDF Schema) is "a general-purpose language for representing simple RDF vocabularies on the Web." [1].

The elements of RDFS can be used to construct an ontology. Of course, if you want more expressive power for ontology and you need to encode some properties that cannot be done using RDFS elements, you always have the OWL option.

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RDF is a way of modelling your data. In RDF you model your data in triples to create a graph. In relational databases you model your data in tables that are inter-related. RDFS is for providing schema level information - an analogy to relational databases would be the column fields for your tables.

For more you can check out the answers in this, essentially the same, question: What is the difference between RDF and OWL?

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RDF defines the abstract model of subject->predicate->object, and advocates that non-proprierty standards are used for their exchange and description.

The specifics of how this is done is up to the developer; there are many specifications for serialization formats and for writing predicates. Specifications in the latter camp, i.e. those that define a set of predicates, are called vocabularies.

RDFS is one such vocabulary. There are many others: FOAF, OWL, SSN, etc.

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