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i'm trying to optimize this code:

   foreach (string id in ids)
     MyClass x = myDictionary[id];
     foreach (var map in Maps)
       if ( x.id == map.SourceId || x.id == map.DestionationId)
           //add id to a hashset

if ids.count is 1600 and Maps.Count is 300 000 in takes around 10 minutes to process.

i've tried LINQ, but the results are not a lot better:

   var allIds = Maps.select(map => map.SourceId).Union(Maps.select(map => map.DestinationID)).Distinct();
   var toAdd = from id in Ids
               join mapId in AllIds on id equals mapid
               select id;
  //create hashset based on  toAdd collection.

Can anyone point me to a better solution and if possible explain why linq in this case isn't much more faster?


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You may want to post this on codereview.stackexchange.com –  Thomas Shields Mar 18 '12 at 0:58
What is Maps a collection of ? –  Russ C Mar 18 '12 at 1:03

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You have complexity of O(countIds * countMaps), if you put all Maps into 2 dictionaries indexed by source and destination you'll get O(countIds + countMaps).

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