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I have 2 tables.

Table 1 has Product ID and Product Name (each row has a unique Product ID).

1 Name1
2 Name2
3 Name3

Table 2 has Product ID and Color (Red, Green, Blue) and Price. There can be up to 3 rows with the same Product ID depending on what color the Product ID is associated with.

1 Red $6
1 Blue $2
2 Blue $3
3 Green $5

I want to query to create a new table with the following columns: Product ID, Product Name, RedPrice, GreenPrice and BluePrice. The 2 above samples result in:

1 Name1 $6 Null $2
2 Name2 Null Null $3
3 Name3 Null $5 Null

How do I do this query? Either SQL or Microsoft Access code is fine. Thanks.

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Take table1 (Product) and make 3 Left Joins to table2. –  ypercube Mar 18 '12 at 1:29

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Assuming there can be no more than one price of each kind per product:

  red  .Price AS RedPrice,
  green.Price AS GreenPrice,
  blue .Price AS BluePrice
FROM products
LEFT JOIN prices red   ON products.ProductID = red  .ProductID AND red  .Color = 'Red'
LEFT JOIN prices green ON products.ProductID = green.ProductID AND green.Color = 'Green'
LEFT JOIN prices blue  ON products.ProductID = blue .ProductID AND blue .Color = 'Blue'
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İf you want to create a new table, the quey for sql migth be like this;

CREATE TABLE Product ( ProductID int NOT NULL, ProductName varchar(50), Color varchar(25), Price decimal(8,3) )

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