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I want to alert the user that the session timeout is about to expire. I want to have a popup with an OK button and show the seconds ticking down on the popup. Can i do this with just java script? Im OK with using C# code behind also.

Right now it detects session timeout and pops up telling them the session has expired.

<script type="text/javascript">

var sessionTimeout = "<%= Session.Timeout %>";

function DisplaySessionTimeout() {

sessionTimeout = sessionTimeout - 1;

if (sessionTimeout >= 0)

  window.setTimeout("DisplaySessionTimeout()", 60000);

alert("Your current Session is over due to inactivity.");

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Does this script only works when the user click anything on the application or does it automatically detects the timeout like banking websites? –  alice7 Jun 20 '12 at 15:30

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Yes, you can do this via JavaScript. Here's a simple counter implementation that was inspired from this StackOverflow answer I found a while back:

function Counter(options) {
    var timer;
    var instance = this;
    var seconds = options.seconds || 10;
    var onUpdateStatus = options.onUpdateStatus || function() {};
    var onCounterEnd = options.onCounterEnd || function() {};
    var onCounterStart = options.onCounterStart || function() {};

    function decrementCounter() {
        if (seconds === 0) {

    function startCounter() {
        timer = 0;
        timer = setInterval(decrementCounter, 1000);

    function stopCounter() {

    return {
        start : function() {
        stop : function() {

... and an example of how to use it:

var countdown = new Counter({
    // number of seconds to count down
    seconds: 3,

    onCounterStart: function () { 
        // show pop up with a message 

    // callback function for each second
    onUpdateStatus: function(second) {
        // change the UI that displays the seconds remaining in the timeout 

    // callback function for final action after countdown
    onCounterEnd: function() {
        // show message that session is over, perhaps redirect or log out 

Once the server is ready to alert the user, just create the timer and it'll start counting down. You can customize what happens on each event: when timer starts, when a second ticks by, and when the countdown is done.

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I would recommend using setInterval instead of setTimeout.

Something like this:

var startTime = new Date(milliseconds),
    timeoutLength = 60000;

var interval = setInterval("checkTimeout()",1000);
function checkTimeout() {
    var currentTime = new Date(millisecond);
    if (currentTime > startTime + timeoutLength) {
        alert ("Your current Session is over due to inactivity.");
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Do i need to call this function from page load to get it to fire? If so, how? –  icelated Mar 18 '12 at 3:55
Could you please add a little bit of information about where to add this and how exactly this works. milliseconds throws an exception. –  Sangram Jun 25 at 20:23

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