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I'm trying to build a custom segue, but i can't seem to get the right transition. The transition i would like is the opposite transition of the modal segue with default transition. So the transition i want is where my view slides down to show the new view. My code for my custom segue is posted below.

@implementation customSegue

//still need to find the right transition (from top to bottom)
- (void) perform 

UIViewController *src = (UIViewController *) self.sourceViewController;
UIViewController *dst = (UIViewController *) self.destinationViewController;

[UIView transitionWithView:src.navigationController.view duration:0.5
                    [src.navigationController pushViewController:dst animated:NO];

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A navigation controller doesn't have a view of it's own -- it's view is that of the current view controller. Try using src.view in place of src.navigationController.view.

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