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i have a web project, how can i open this in Eclipse. I just have src folder and WebContent folder. Shall i need to create a web project and then add these two folders or copy them to existing project? Thanks in advance.

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Create a new project, navigate to the project directory and replace files with the code. Don't forget to press F5 to refresh eclipse after it.

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Thanks a lot I was stuck for hours – Md Faisal Jul 2 '13 at 14:45
please don`t forget to choose the best solution for you as accepted solution here, so other users will find out that it is workable easier. – Igor Mar 12 at 16:24

If they are part of another project then I would import them otherwise I would just create a new project for them. Either way you'll need to create the project and import the folders into it.

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Simply open your project folder as new project in the Eclipse IDE.

File > New > New Project > Create Project at existing location (from existing source) > (select your project folder)

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