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In SQLite3 I am going to be storing a very long string that looks something like this:

string linkList = "www.blah.com,www.meh.com,www.hah.com"; 

will definitely exceed 255 chars, will probably be over 1000 chars

Should the column linkList be a varchar, TEXT or something else to store a string that will probably be longer than 1000 chars

CREATE TABLE(uId INT PRIMARY KEY, linkList varchar);

What would be the best variable type to use for the column linkList?

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TEXT is the standard data type. You could compress it and then put it in a BLOB, if you care about the storage requirements (or you could just compress the database). – Borealid Mar 18 '12 at 3:40
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You should use TEXT. Although, that's the same thing as VARCHAR:

If the declared type of the column contains any of the strings "CHAR", "CLOB", or "TEXT" then that column has TEXT affinity. Notice that the type VARCHAR contains the string "CHAR" and is thus assigned TEXT affinity

And also:

Note that numeric arguments in parentheses that following the type name (ex: "VARCHAR(255)") are ignored by SQLite - SQLite does not impose any length restrictions (other than the large global SQLITE_MAX_LENGTH limit) on the length of strings, BLOBs or numeric values.

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Actually, all data types in SQLite is no matter, all data will be stored as strings. You can execute query CREATE TABLE(uId INT PRIMARY KEY, linkList BlahBlahString); without any error. Data type in SQLite is for sql compability only

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Yor have 2 choices to store a long String in SQLite

  1. TEXT type - SQLite support very long text (I don't know exact number but I tested 33000 char SQLite3)
  2. BLOB type: You can use BLOB Date type to hold long String.
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