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In “RDFa in XHTML: Syntax and Processing,” Section 5.5, Step 4, the specifications say “if the element is the head or body element then act as if there is an empty @about present, and process it according to the rule for @about, above.” However, I can’t find any mention of how an “empty” about should be processed, nor exactly what constitutes an “empty” @about.

First, would an “empty @about consist of about=””?

Second, does it merely create an explicit bNode that has no author specified identifier? (Something that has sometimes been referred to as an “anonymous bNode” within the RDFa documentation.)

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A string with no characters is defined as an empty attribute value. The RDF Semantics spec defines the resulting node as follows:

Blank nodes are treated as simply indicating the existence of a thing, without using, or saying anything about, the name of that thing.

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