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  • OS: feodra 16
  • haskell-platform
  • wxGTK-devel
  • ghc 7.0.4

I am trying to install wxHaskell with

cabal install wx

Then these errors are given.

Missing dependencies on foreign libraries: * Missing C libraries: wx_baseu-2.8, wx_baseu_net-2.8, wx_baseu_xml-2.8, wx_gtk2u_core-2.8, wx_gtk2u_adv-2.8, wx_gtk2u_html-2.8, wx_gtk2u_qa-2.8, wx_gtk2u_xrc-2.8, wx_gtk2u_aui-2.8, wx_gtk2u_richtext-2.8, wx_gtk2u_media-2.8, wx_gtk2u_stc-2.8, wx_gtk2u_gl-2.8

And these libraries actually exist in /usr/lib I type following in terminal

ls libwx*.so

and found libs:

  • ......

I tried cabal install wx --exteral-lib-dirs=/usr/lib , but still no luck.

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No .a files? Perhaps its looking to staticly link. –  Thomas M. DuBuisson Mar 18 '12 at 20:19

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I have figured out the issue (and it only took me the best part of a month :))--you need to have g++ installed on your machine. You can install it with sudo yum install gcc-c++.

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thanks the error message is really misleading. With fedora I install gcc-c++ package and everything is ok! –  jilen Apr 12 '12 at 12:10
Yeah. I spent forever trying out different library directories and stuff with no luck before seeing I needed g++. After that everything worked, which was anticlimactic. –  Tikhon Jelvis Apr 12 '12 at 16:12
Thank you again!!! I am seeking in the wx-core source code, but... with no lucky. –  jilen Apr 12 '12 at 16:20
You can get the source (assuming you have the package already) using cabal unpack wxcore. If you want to see the source of a package without installing it, you can use fetch: cabal fetch wxcore; cabal unpack wxcore. However, you probably already have the package and don't need to fetch it. –  Tikhon Jelvis Apr 12 '12 at 16:26

I am not a wx expert, but you likely additionally need the C headers for these libraries. Look for your distribution's "development" package for these libraries; in many distributions, these packages are named the same as the library package itself, but with "-dev" added at the end of the name.

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On Fedora these packages are called *-devel. jilen seems to have the wxGTK-devel package installed. –  Tikhon Jelvis Mar 18 '12 at 22:06
Yeah. I have wxGTK-devel insalled already –  jilen Mar 19 '12 at 0:36

I don't have a solution, but I hit the exact same problem last night on a fresh Debian Wheezy install, which makes me think that it might be a packaging problem with the wx in cabal.

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sudo apt-get install libwxgtk-media3.0-dev

works for me

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