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I'm a shell noob. I'm trying to write a simple script that'll take a screen shot and upload it to my server, this all works great when I do it line by line in my terminal, but when I try to achieve this via my simple script the file that gets uploaded seems to be corrupted. I've compared the two files (the corrupted file that gets uploaded as a result of my script and the non-corrupted file that gets uploaded when I do this manually) in a hex editor and their nearly identical... but not. Any idea what's happening to my images when I run the script that isn't happing when I do the same thing line by line in the terminal?

here's my script:


    screencapture -x ~/Desktop/screencap.png


    ftp -n $HOST <<END_SCRIPT
    quote USER $USER
    quote PASS $PASSWD
    cd $DIR
    put $FILE
    exit 0


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use binary command to set the mode of file transfer to binary
(the binary mode transmits all eight bits per byte and thus provides less chance of a transmission error and must be used to transmit files other than ASCII files)

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perfect, that worked!!! thnx so much!!! –  Nick Mar 18 '12 at 5:16

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