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I have been coding in iphone platform for about a few months. One thing I am still to understand is in which method exactly should I set the navigation bar/toolbar/barButtonItem hidden.

In my project sometimes I set in - (void)viewDidLoad, sometimes I set in - (void)viewWillAppear:(BOOL)animated. Sometimes I set it from where I push the navigation controller.

I think I am not understanding the basics correctly. If one way is not working, I try the other way and somehow it works.

If I am to hide the toolbar or barbuttonitem in navigation controller, where exactly should I set that.

Edit: If I am pushing a new navigation controller, in which I want my toolbar hidden, where should I set it hidden. Similarly, when I pop it, I want the the toolbar to be shown, where should I set the toolbarHidden property to 'NO'.

Similarly, I have a navigation controller, sometimes it needs to show the toolbar and sometimes it needn't, where should I check the condition for this case.?

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You should set this property before the pushing the view Controller and don't need to set No at pop. E.g see the following link:

hiding tabbar on table view cell click

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