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XmlSerializer has been pretty good so far, but it seems to be breaking on a situation which doesn't seem too complicated. Here is the structure of my XML not the real stuff, but I think I've captured the basic structure):

          <text>more text........</text>

So, I then have a number of classes that correspond to each of these elements.

public class RootNode
    public SomeNodeName[] SomeNodeNames;
    public ThisOneDoesntWork[] TheseOnesDontWork;

public class ThisOneDoesntWork
    public int elementWhichDoesWork;
    public itemrow[] collection1;

public class itemrow
    public string text;

The XmlSerializer invocation is pretty straight-forward.

XmlSerializer serializer = new XmlSerializer(typeof(RootNode), attrOverrides);
FileStream stream = File.Open("filename.xml", FileMode.Open);
RootNode obj = (RootNode)serializer.Deserialize(stream);

So, this loads correctly, except for 'collection1' not being created at all. I put in an UnknownNode event handler, and sure enough, it comes up with a flag saying that itemrow is of unknown type. I'm not sure why this is. There are a couple of collections, and one of the collections contains an element which is itself a collection. Does this situation really require writing my own deserializer, or am I simply missing a simple fix?

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It would probably help to know what is in attrOverrides. I just tried your code (on mono) without using attrOverrides and the file is deserialized correctly. – Ken Wayne VanderLinde Mar 18 '12 at 6:44
Oh, I accidentally left that in from a different try. My first version of the code (that which I tried to represent here) is without attrOverrides. I later tried to use attrOverrides to force the type, but that didn't work either. I simply forgot about it when pasting the code in here. If this snippet worked (as in, collection1 has two items in it), there must be something else. I distilled the problem into something simple enough for posting to StackOverflow, but maybe the real problem is a small detail that didn't make it into the distillation. – Tristan Crockett Mar 18 '12 at 16:53

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