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i have an service been hosted in iis 7, in windows7 when i type the url i can see the below information.


This will generate a configuration file and a code file that contains the client class. Add the two files to your client application and use the generated client class to call the Service. For example:


class Test
    static void Main()
        Service1Client client = new Service1Client();

        // Use the 'client' variable to call operations on the service.

        // Always close the client.

when i type to get the wsdl i am not getting the wsdl instead i am getting this error message HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found.

what i am missing here, please let me know so that i can generate the wsdl

Thanks Prince

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Can you post your web.config and hosting code for the service? –  Jeff Mar 18 '12 at 7:50

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The error you are getting is http 404, which means "file not found".

There could be several reasons for this:

  • The service is not running
  • httpget is not allowed in the web.config
  • the mex endpoint is not set up in the web.config
  • you are not wusing the correct url

Before you use the svcutil make sure that you can access the wsdl file through the browser.

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OP indicated he was hosting in IIS and that he was able to browse to the service's help page. A 404 error is most likely an incorrect URL. Hard to say anything more definitive without seeing his config file. –  Tim Mar 18 '12 at 19:15

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