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Hi i am reading csv file and getting date in 01-01-2011 but i want it in 01-Jan-2011 format when i write .xlsx file using apache poi library. my code is

XSSFDataFormat df = workBook.createDataFormat();

but it is not working for me. where am i doing mistake.

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sorry, but what is cs? –  Leo Apr 17 at 23:19
@Leo It's a XSSFCellStyle –  stg Nov 3 at 12:57

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Not only do you need to create a cell format, but you also need to apply it to the cell!

XSSFDataFormat df = workBook.createDataFormat();

// Get / Create our cell
XSSFRow row = sheet.createRow(2);
XSSFCell cell = row.createCell(3);

// Set it to be a date
Calendar c = Calendar.getInstance();
c.set(2012,3-1,18); // Don't forget months are 0 based on Calendar
cell.setCellValue( c.getTime() );

// Style it as a date

Secondly, you need to be aware that Java and Excel differ slightly in how they express Date formatting rules. You should open up a copy of Excel, format a sample cell how you want, then take a note of the formatting rules needed. In your case, you'd gone for a Java style upper case M, while in Excel it's lower case (see above)

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