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I'm trying to get the ember-datastore running (https://github.com/emberjs/data) - but the initial call of

window.App.store = DS.Store.create
  revision: 3,
  adapter: DS.RESTAdapter.create({ bulkCommit: false }) 

already fails with an undefined-exception in:

DS.Transaction = Ember.Object.extend({
  init: function() {
   set(this, 'buckets', {
       clean:   Ember.Map.create(),

I have found some docs on the the Ember.Map (http://ember-apis.herokuapp.com/symbols/global.html), but it does not look like it's defined in the ember-namespace of the version I am using.

I'm using:

I built ember-data (using rake dist) and included it - does it expect any other version of ember than the one that comes with ember-rails?

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Ember.Map is available since commit 1296814. Are you using Ember.js version 0.9.5? There is an ember-latest.js available for download.

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solved it: The reason here is, that ember-rails uses an ember-distributions from 2 months ago, that did not yet include the Map. I forked ember-rails (github.com/mugwump/ember-rails) and updated the packaged ember.js to a current build of ember, now the Map can be found and the data-store works. Please use this fork at your own risk: Apart from the Map, it introduces lots of breaking changes (e.g. the SC-Namespace is finally gone) and is not yet thoroughly tested... –  mugwump Mar 18 '12 at 9:29

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