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I'm using sql... I have a table name Table1 with 2 columns: column1 and column2. First i need to select both columns where column 1 contains "andrew" or "brandon". Then i want to compare within column2 and return the results for strings that are similar for the fields within column2.

column1 column2
andrew  hi
brandon hello
andrew  hello
carl    hi


brandon hello
andrew  hello
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The second part is not very clear. Can you elaborate? So far, I see that you want the values of column2 which are common for "andrew" and "brandon". Also which database are you using? –  Chetter Hummin Mar 18 '12 at 8:19
I'm using sqlite3 i think. –  user1050548 Mar 18 '12 at 9:01

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Since you want to compare two rows, you can't really get away without a JOIN or subquery. If I understand you correctly, this should do what you want in "any database" SQL;

SELECT t1a.* 
FROM Table1 t1a 
JOIN Table1 t1b
  ON t1a.column2 = t1b.column2 AND t1a.column1 <> t1b.column1
WHERE t1a.column1 in ('andrew', 'brandon') AND 
      t1b.column1 IN ('andrew', 'brandon');

Demo here.

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Try with following query:

SELECT column1+' '+ column2 from Table1  where column1 IN ('andrew','brandon')
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