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I have a custom field (fixedInVersion), the field is required when state = 'Closed'.

I also have a custom control for the field (combo with sorting, because the default sorting of TFS control is ascending).

When the work Item state is Closed, I display in my control Required but the user can still save the work item without getting error.

Does anyone knows what is the problem? If I remove the text Required the item cannot be saved, but the only indication for the user is that the combo is yellow (no text Required is displayed).

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The "When" Required value, did you use it? see the following example:

<FieldDefinition refname="fixedInVersion" name="fixedInVersion" type="String">
  <WHEN field="System.State" value="Closed">
    <REQUIRED />
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This is exactly what I did, and the fixedInVersion is required when state is Closed. But after the work item is saved with fixedInVersion value I can delete it (it's not really required) –  user963491 Mar 19 '12 at 15:28

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