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I'm looking for a tool that helps to automate front end of the flash games, meaning that it enables user to record a macro (while playing a game or its part), log flash errors/messages, allow custom scripting.

I found Ranorex, Selenium, Watir, iMacros and Ranorex seems to be the most advanced but it cannot run on Mac, and I'm looking for a tool that runs on mac and win.

My goal is to automate testing of the flash games. If anyone knows such tool, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.

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Use Adobe UI scripter It is Open source http://sourceforge.net/adobe/genie/wiki2/FAQ/

But it only works with AS3.

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I found Sikuli-a tool that can automate everything, including flash games and it's cross platform (java) and open source. Scripts can be written in phyton.

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