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My problem is I have a List<String> of Files and List<InetAddress> of thier IP Addresses with me. I want to display them TOGETHER i.e. in the form of FILENAME --- IP as a JList in Swing; so that the user understands which file is there at which place (IP Address). After that I want to use a double click event which would open that file, hence I want them together. How do I do that? Is there any other way than combining the two lists and making a composite list OR by modifying the DefaultListModel

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Encapsulate the String (or better File) and InetAddress into a single object and show those objects in one JList using an appropriate renderer.

For more information see How to Use Lists & particularly Writing a Custom Cell Renderer.

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In case it is not obvious to you, this answer does not mean you have to combine the lists. The single object representing the file/IP address does not have to have its own string objects, it can refer to the ones in the lists. You would have a list of these single objects, but the original lists would be intact, and there would not be a separate copy of their contents. In short, this is a way to do what you ask without the two ways you ask about avoiding (unless you consider this "combining the two lists"). – arcy Mar 18 '12 at 11:55

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