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In Matlab, I have a cell array like:

names = {
    'John Doe',
    'Jane Watkins',
    'Jeremy Jason Taylor',
    'Roger Adrian'

I would like to sort these such that the last names appear in alphabetical order. In my example, it would come out being:

names_sorted = {
    'Roger Adrian',
    'John Doe',
    'Jeremy Jason Taylor',
    'Jane Watkins'

I know of inelegant ways of doing this. For instance, I could tokenize at space, make a separate last_names cell array, sort that, and apply the indexing to my original array.

My question is, is there a better way?

Because someone is sure to come up with that list of assumptions you can't make with regards to people names in a database, let me assure you that all my names are either "FIRST MIDDLE LAST" or "FIRST LAST". I checked.

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as far as I know, you will have to sort a secondary array and apply the indexing to the original one, the only sort functions in matlab that I know don't let you specify a sorting condition... but now you got me curious –  Castilho Mar 18 '12 at 11:45

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If all first names had the same length, then you would be able to use sortrows, but in your case, that would require padding and modifying your array, anyway, so that you're better off converting it into "LAST FIRST MIDDLE" before applying sort. Fortunately, there's a simple regular expression for that:

names = {'John Doe';'Roger Adrian';'John Fitzgerald Kennedy'};
names_rearranged = regexprep(names,'(.*) (\w*)$','$2 $1')
names_rearranged = 
    'Doe John'
    'Adrian Roger'
    'Kennedy John Fitzgerald'

[names_rearranged_sorted, idx_sorted] = sort(names_rearranged);

names_sorted = names(idx_sorted)
names_sorted = 
    'Roger Adrian'
    'John Doe'
    'John Fitzgerald Kennedy'
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