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I am trying to create a notification system very much like the SO one ( the one when receiving a new message ). My site is built in PHP and i would like the notifications to occur when data is inserted to the DB from the PHP.

At the top of my head i would just curl the node server passing it some post parameters, is that right way to do?

Are there any good practice (security, performances..)?

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Look at the redis channels. We use this practice for same prupose. Benefits : you can have a lot of node.js servers and they will receive notifications almost a the same time...

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Thanks for you input, you have any usefull links by anychance ? Also i am running php-fpm and nginx, redis would still work ? –  silkAdmin Mar 19 '12 at 9:31
Yep of course. We use nicolas php redis lib and method publish. That's all. –  Selvatico Mar 20 '12 at 8:09

DNode is a good option.

A short article about DNode made by HENRI BERGIUS.

DNode for PHP on GitHub.

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