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I'm having the following Jquery code:

$('div:jqmData(wrapper="true"):jqmData(ex="true") div:jqmData(role="page")').each(function(index) { 
     // do sth 

I want to replace $('div:jqmData(wrapper="true") with my variable page.

How do I get the above syntax working with my variable page? This is not really working:

page.is(':jqmData(ex="true")').find('div:jqmData(role="page")').each(function() { 
   // do sth 

Thanks for some inputs!

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.is returns a boolean indicating whether the selector applies to one ore more elements in the set. To filter the current set, use .filter instead:

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ah. That's what I was looking for. Thanks! –  frequent Mar 18 '12 at 12:13

The is function in jquery only return true of false, so you can use it in an if statement like below:

    page.find('div:jqmData(role="page")').each(function() { 
        // do sth
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