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Unfortunately, I have to deal with J2ME (which I consider ancient technology these days) on Sony Ericsson J108i (aka Cedar).

Unfortunately I've failed to configure on-device debugging. I've done the following:

  • enabled Java developer mode in service settings
  • configured USB -> Advanced -> Internet access -> Via computer
  • installed J2ME SDK
  • disabled the Windows firewall
  • tried the whole procedure on both Windows XP and Windows 7

Unfortunately, Connection Proxy fails to connect to the device. The network interface is there, named 'Sony Ericsson Device 1039 USB Ethernet Emulation (NDIS 5)', but when I try to connect, the following is logged:

[18.03.12 13:23:45] Getting device ip. Failed to get deviceip for interface(Sony Ericsson Device 1039 USB Ethernet Emulation (NDIS 5) - Sterownik miniport Harmonogramu pakietów). Trying to get it from Connection Proxy settings( java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to connect to the SEMC SDK Service1.
[18.03.12 13:23:45] Getting device ip. No device for interface=Sony Ericsson Device 1039 USB Ethernet Emulation (NDIS 5) - Sterownik miniport Harmonogramu pakietów

It actually looks like the interface is never assigned the correct IP. I've tried assigning IP manually, but it failed too (perhaps I did it incorrectly - the documentation is not really verbose here).

Any idea what I do wrong? Any success stories with on-device debugging using this particular phone?

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I managed to get my Cedar device working on Vista 32-bit SP2:
1. First of all, make sure you're not using jdk7uX (otherwise you have to install MSVC 10 redistributable pack to make SEMC_SDK_Service start properly).
2. Edit SDK_Root/OnDeviceDebug/lib/, set ipprovider.rebindOnConnect: true (it's false by default), then uncomment and set proxy.device.ip: and proxy.local.ip: (both are commented out and empty by default)
3. Run SDK_Root/OnDeviceDebug/bin/restart_service.cmd
4. (Re)connect your Cedar device
5. Wait about a minute
6. Run SDK_Root/OnDeviceDebug/bin/restart_service.cmd
7. Run arp -a in console and ensure your interface is using 192.168.8.*, this could also take about a minute
8. Restart connection proxy and connect to your phone, everything should be OK
9. You should repeat steps 4-8 after each Windows start

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Hi! Thanks for your answer, I'll try to verify it asap (busy with Android these days). –  Code Painters Jun 17 '12 at 16:25

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