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I am writing a system which generates code for a number of classes and I need to document it with a UML diagram. The classes will follow the same structure but they will have names set by the user. Is there a way to specify that CCodeGenerator generates the code for these classes?

Also, I currently have a relationship between my CDataDefinition class (which defines what should be included in each of the generated classes) and the CCodeGenerator, is there a way to denote that the multiplicity of the relationship between the generated classes and the generator is exactly equal to the number of CDataDefinition instances?

These classes will be used in another system which will also need UML class diagrams made for it. Is there a way to show that a class in this project (CEditior) uses them?

Example of operation:

I have 3 CDataDefinition objects which define classes X, Y, and Z. My CCodeGenerator instance will create 3 classes (C# code in .cs files) from these.

CEditor in a separate solution will then interface with these 3 classes.

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If you read some of the introductory information on MOF, you will see that in the UML family an instance of a metaclass in one layer is a classifier in the next.

In your case, a class in the code generator describing the class in its output will be a metaclass (CDataGenerator), and the classes in the output represented by instances of the metaclass.

There is no way in plain UML for associations other than 'X is of type Y' to cross between the layers.

You may be able to model such a relationship using MOV QVT (query, view, transform - i.e. a language for mapping one model to another), but I don't know current state of tool support for that, and if you had a QVT tool you probably wouldn't need to be writing a code generator.

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