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I have uploaded my application in android market. But some tablet users keep getting application crash message, bcz of some technical issue. I would like to ban my application for tablet users. How to do that. Do i need to change anything in manifest file or in my market account? Please help me.

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Not really answering your question...but maybe you can simply fix the crashes? Do you have some stacktraces of the Exception/s? If you don't own a tablet and you need someone to test something for you let me know. :) – YuviDroid Mar 18 '12 at 14:08
I don't think so that its problem with my code :), its working fine with other devices, its making problem only with tablet. – Andro Dev Mar 18 '12 at 14:44

It seems that the best solution is to restrict screen sizes. Follow this link.

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Are you using "supports-screens" tag. Problem likely is not in your code but the Manifest file.

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You can also block out the devices that has this problems on your application profile. But there are quite a lot of them to block.

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Use the support screens tag in your manifest.

<supports-screens android:xlargeScreens="false" />
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