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I managed to create a Model First DBContext model (before it was a normal ObjectContext derived model).

Strangly now my VS is not showing ANY of my classes in the Model selectlist in "Add Controller". More or less everything external is shown here - except my own stuf. Yes - i compiled the code, the code is compiling without errors and restarted VS multiple times. No clue what the heck is going on.

Same in the Data Context Class selector.

Manuelly setting the class is not working. Add will always complain I have to choose from the list.

Where is VS getting the data for filling the list?

Framework: MVC4, VS2010, EF4.3.1

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The obvious question: missing a reference to the assembly containing your EF model? – Gert Arnold Mar 18 '12 at 14:40
The EF Model is in the same project as the controller classes. Strangely NO class from my project is shown - only external classes. – Obiwan007 Mar 18 '12 at 15:57
Built/ Debugged the project, fixed mine. – Rusty Apr 20 at 7:41

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Had the same problem. Found that just Building the project didnt solve the problem of the missing Model classes. Rebuilding the project however, solved it right away.

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This worked for me. Seems pretty frequent that a build is needed to refresh these kinds of dialog lists. – HoratioCain Jan 3 '14 at 19:40

The reason it worked is that by putting it in another project you "built" it and then it showed up. If you would have built your first project and then tried to add a controller bam it would be there.

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I'm using it in the same assembly, it's missing. – Shimmy Nov 18 '12 at 11:00

Finally I managed to get the scaffolding working again. I refactored my model.edmx out of the main project. The templating stuff will now generate the model classes in this new model project. After adding the model project to the main project, the classes are showing up in the controller model selectbox again. Strange as it seems to work in a completely new set-up solution without separation...

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Possibly related: Add View Model class dropdown not showing my class

I was looking for a solution to this when adding a controller, but reached the mentioned post earlier than reaching this one. Removing AssemblyInfo.cs and setting the properties on the project worked for me (for VS2010).

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Had the same problem with an EF model in a separate project to begin with.

Rebuild all did nothing, but simply reloading into a new instance of Visual Studio fixed it.

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Create a new MVC internet site. Add existing (your model classes) - verify it works, then start diffing the two projects.

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Tried that. The model classes could be found in the select list in the new project. Unfortunately I could not detect any other obvious differenct. One option would be to downgrade EF4.3 to EF4.1 as the 4.1 is used as default. On my main proj I updated it via nuget. – Obiwan007 Mar 18 '12 at 18:40
Seems not be be a problem in the EF libs. Maybe it has something to do with the generation of the model classes itsself as they are now build via templating ( On the other hand - its working on a plain SPA project - very strange. – Obiwan007 Mar 19 '12 at 8:34

Had the same problem.i fixed it .

->Separate the EF in another class library project.

-> add reference in to main web project.

-> add the connection string on web project config file.

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I just experienced this issue in a project that had been working. There were NO updates to EF or MVC, it just started throwing the "There no model classes..." message. I backed up my project, deleted it from my HD and the got the most recent version from source control, SVN in this case. I rebuilt the project and now it works again, just like magic.

VS 2012 EF 5.0 .NET 4.5 MVC 4.0

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"Add Controller" Model Classes not shown for scaffolding

Environment Used: ASP.NET MVC5 using C# Visual Studio 2013

Solution 1: If solution name is SAME as project name, just clean solution, Build Solution. It will work.

Solution 2: If solution name is DIFFERENT from project name, then check below steps:

(i) Check your model class(s) namespace as

namespace SolutionName.ProjectName.Models
{ ...}

suppose solution name is "WGT" and project name is "MS", then models class say User should be

namespace WGT.MS.Models
{ public class User{...}}

(ii) After this, clear solution.

(iii) Build Solution

It will surely work. Found this solution after spending a lot of time. It's a practical and implemented solution.

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You don't explain why these solutions would work in any way. – Hannes Johansson Jul 11 at 7:13
I don't know why, but cleaning the solution worked for me – abiNerd Aug 19 at 11:24

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