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I have used httplib.HTTPResponse it working fine if i return a string/dict but not able to return it as a attached file.
using django.http.HttpResponse its possible to do but i dont want to use django for this. I am trying to do it simply writing a python script, hosted on mod-python apache webserver.

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To get the effect you want, at an HTTP level need to have a Content-Disposition header as part of the HTTP response:

Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=whatever.ext

The whatever.ext will be used by user agents to prompt the user as a sensible filename to save as, or just to save it directly depending on configuration.

However you're going to run into trouble doing this with httplib.HTTPResponse, which is not designed either for developers to create them or for creating responses that will go back over the wire. You're probably better off using either the built-in cgi module, or something lightweight such as Flask.

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