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is there a way for me to generate an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) from SQLyog? or if not, from PHPmyAdmin of XAMPP? thanks!

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SQLyog has this feature- Schema designer, which is a visual interface where tables and table structures can be defined, displayed and manipulated. But Schema Designer is not a full featured ERD diagramming tool. I don't think it is possible to generate from PHPMyAdmin either. You could look into this.

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Yes you can generate ERD with PHPMyAdmin. PHPMyadmin added this functionality from version 3.4

detail step to generate ERD :

You can refer to PHPMyAdmin documentation for more info:

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Its Ctrl + Alt + d and its only for full version

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SQLYog has a Schema Designer option (Ctrl + Alt + Del) which opens a schema designer window.

right click on the schema designer tab window to get a menu, select add tables (To select all tables for which you want in the ER diagram)

click ok to get a ER diagram of the tables.

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