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Hi hope I can get some help here. Relatively new to all this JS and JQuery.

In essence I have a JSQuery $('#name').click() event which I want to be fired, then halted until it gets a command to become active again.

I can't seem to get the unbind function to work - although I'm not even sure anymore if this is what i should be using!?!?

    $("#services").click (function(){

     *bunch of code to run slideshow* (disable click throughout this period)


(make .click() active again.

Pulling hair out. Probably simple, but fear i may have become snow blind.

Any help much appreciated

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can you show the code you are using to "unbind" the click event pls? –  Robbie Mar 18 '12 at 13:55

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You could also just test for a condition inside your click statement.

var wasPressed = false;

    // Allow click
    wasPressed = true;

Or you could do it any other way, such as adding/removing a class and using that as an identifier. or as you suggested in the beginning, just removing the event everytime - though that looks like a more expensive option imho.

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+1. This is generally the way to go -- an if statement inside the handler that checks whether the control is enabled or not. Definitely better than unbinding and then rebinding... –  maxedison Mar 18 '12 at 13:58

Though I really do think that Shai Mishali's answer is the way to go, if you absolutely must unbind/rebind this should do the trick:

function runSlideShow() {
    $("#services").unbind('click');  //unbind the click event. Avoiding $(this) as other events might possibly call this function
    //bunch of code to run slideshow
    $("#services").click(runSlideShow); //slideshow is not presumably over, so rebind event.
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