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I am trying to upload image with android as frontend and django as backend.

The model:

    class Photo(models.Model):
        title = models.CharField(max_length=255,blank=True)
        photo = models.FileField(upload_to='photos')
        description = models.TextField(blank=True)
        uploaded = models.DateTimeField(auto_now_add=True)
        modified = models.DateTimeField(auto_now=True)

        class Meta:
            db_table = 'media_photos'

        def __unicode__(self):
            return '%s' % self.title

The view to url url(r'^photos/upload/$','upload_photo'):

def upload_photo(request):
if request.method=='POST':
    if form.is_valid():
        image = request.FILES['photo']
        title1 =''
        new_image = Photo(title=title1,photo=image,description='')
        response_data=[{"success": "1"}]
        return HttpResponse(simplejson.dumps(response_data), mimetype='application/json')

now i am trying to access the view here from android. So now my android side code to upload image is:

     public void doFileUpload(String path){
        HttpURLConnection conn = null;
        DataOutputStream dos = null;
        DataInputStream inStream = null;
        String lineEnd = "\r\n";
        int bytesRead, bytesAvailable, bufferSize;
        byte[] buffer;
        int maxBufferSize = 1*1024*1024;
        String urlString = "http://";   // server ip
         //------------------ CLIENT REQUEST
        FileInputStream fileInputStream = new FileInputStream(new File(path) );
         // open a URL connection to the Servlet
         URL url = new URL(urlString);
         // Open a HTTP connection to the URL
         conn = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection();
         // Allow Inputs
         // Allow Outputs
         // Don't use a cached copy.
         // Use a post method.
         conn.setRequestProperty("Connection", "Keep-Alive");
         conn.setRequestProperty("Content-Type", "multipart/form-data;boundary="+"    ");
         dos = new DataOutputStream( conn.getOutputStream() );
         dos.writeBytes("Content-Disposition: form-data; name=\"uploadedfile\";filename=\"" + path + "\"" + lineEnd);

         // create a buffer of maximum size
         bytesAvailable = fileInputStream.available();
         bufferSize = Math.min(bytesAvailable, maxBufferSize);
         buffer = new byte[bufferSize];

         // read file and write it into form...
         bytesRead =, 0, bufferSize);
         while (bytesRead > 0)
          dos.write(buffer, 0, bufferSize);
          bytesAvailable = fileInputStream.available();
          bufferSize = Math.min(bytesAvailable, maxBufferSize);
          bytesRead =, 0, bufferSize);

         // send multipart form data necesssary after file data...

         // close streams
         Log.e("Debug","File is written");
        catch (MalformedURLException ex)
             Log.e("Debug", "error: " + ex.getMessage(), ex);
        catch (IOException ioe)
             Log.e("Debug", "error: " + ioe.getMessage(), ioe);

        //------------------ read the SERVER RESPONSE
        try {
              inStream = new DataInputStream ( conn.getInputStream() );
              String str;
              while (( str = inStream.readLine()) != null)
                   Log.e("Debug","Server Response "+str);
        catch (IOException ioex){
             Log.e("Debug", "error: " + ioex.getMessage(), ioex);

but it gives me an error:

E/Debug(590): error: Authority expected at index 7: http://
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maybe you should add some real url to urlString = "http://" – zapl Mar 18 '12 at 14:23
actually i have already added "private static String recordURL = "";"; which is calling this upload function. but it is still giving me error given above – user1163236 Mar 18 '12 at 17:15
Do you use the String you defined? URL url = new URL(recordURL); – zapl Mar 18 '12 at 17:17
ya sorry typing mistake its 'urlString' – user1163236 Mar 19 '12 at 3:43

Should be urlString = "";

But then if it doesn't work, you'll get a different error, and we'll probably need that error to answer further.

Also, it looks like you don't have a real boundary string set and you aren't using it correctly., notice how he uses a unique boundary string, and writes it to the output stream?

You should start marking your questions as answered. You'll have much better success getting them answered when you do so.

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